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Pool Rules



  • The Lifeguard is in charge and has full authority to enforce all rules and to take whatever steps necessary to insure the safety of all persons on the premises.
  • The Lifeguard is responsible for enforcing rules for the swimming pool and the surrounding grounds. This includes the authority to expel members, guests, or children from the premises when rules are violated or when, in his/her judgment, behavior endangers others.
  • Gatekeepers are in place to check level of membership and are doing the job we have asked them to do.  If a Gatekeeper is harassed about membership level or number of passes remaining, their first step is to call both the Pool Coordinator and the Board President.  If there is a problem with something at the pool, do not take it out on the Gatekeepers, ask them to contact the Pool Coordinator or President and we will research the issue.
  • No profanity or disrespectful behavior permitted at the pool. 
  • No glass containers on pool deck at any time.
  • When entering the pool gate, please follow sign-in procedures with the Gatekeeper.
  • All children under the age of 3 will not be allowed in the main pool unless accompanied by an adult.
  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by a parent or specified adult.
  • The baby pool is restricted to children age 4 and younger.
  • Guest fees are $5 for all guests, in or out of town guests. 
  • No cutoffs or ragged clothing allowed in pool; only proper bathing attire will be allowed. (Fibers clog filter).
  • Members are responsible for keeping the pool/clubhouse orderly. Please remove personal items when leaving.
  • Only soft, NERF type balls allowed in pool.  No real footballs or basketballs.
  • No pets inside the clubhouse area at any time.
  • In the event of thunder or lightning, all persons are to get out of the pool and pool area. When the storm ends, there is a 20-minute waiting period after the last thunder and 30-minute wating period after the last lightning before swimmers can enter the pool.  The pool may be closed if inclement weather continues.
  • Failure to follow the Rules of the Pool will result in expulsion from the pool for the season.


  • Each Tier I Resident receives 3 passes to the pool.  Passes are not required for Pool Opening, 4th of July, or Pool Closing parties.
  • When entering the pool gate, please follow sign-in procedure.
  • Please give proof of address (Drivers License for example).
  • Parents MUST sign in – children cannot sign themselves in.
  • Guest fees are the same as Tier 2, $5 each guest. This applied to outhe of town guests as well. 
  • Guests cannot be residents of the neighborhood – residents must have their own passes.

NOTE: Gaming the system on pool passes will result in expulsion from the pool for the season.



The pool will be closed in order to support the Mountain Shadows Swim Team (Dolphins) during all home swim meets.  The website will list all of these events in the pool section.

Swim meets start at approximately 9:00am and run until complete (generally mid-afternoon).  Pool reopens after the meet is over and cleanup is complete.

In addition to the swim meets, the swim team practices 5 days a week at the pool.  Practice starts around June 1st and runs until the final swim meet in mid-July.  Practice times are as follows:

  • Monday/Wednesday/Friday practice is prior to pool opening.
  • Tuesday/Thursday practice runs from 4:50pm until 7:30pm.  During Tuesday/Thursday practice, several swim lanes and the deep end of the pool will be available for swimming; the baby pool is available for children 4 and under.


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