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Rental Guidelines

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Rules and Obligations:

1.  Rental contract and payment must come from MSRA residents in good standing and MSRA resident must be present at the event.

2. Make 2 checks out to the Mountain Shadows Residents. Association and give to the association.  1- for the fee (due one (1) week prior to party date), the 2nd for the deposit (due at time of reservation). The deposit check will be returned if all the items on the checklist below are complete.

3.  In consideration of the Property Owners adjacent to Mountain Shadows Community Club, noise/music should be at a reasonable level. Hamilton County does enforce disorderly conduct law.

4.   The party is to be confined within the fenced area of the pool. Tennis courts, basketball court, and playground are off limits.


1.  Per the Rules and Regulations for MSRA, “Members may book parties. . . but the use must be for the Member’s own use and not the use of a third party who is not a Member”. With this in mind, the Board of Directors has voted to assess a $200 fine to any violators.

2.  A $200 fine will be assessed to anyone who hosts a party that has not been reserved or hosts a party that has been denied.

3.  A cancellation fee of $50 will be charged if the party is cancelled less than 1 week in advance. Cancellations on the day of the party will result in loss of the entire fee.

Fire Safety:

1 . ALL exits are to remain unlocked and unobstructed while the clubhouse is occupied. Includes removing bar from doors.

2.  Occupancy limit set by the Hamilton Co. Fire Marshall is not to be exceeded.


Checklist: (Note: Failure to perform below items prior to departure may sacrifice entire deposit.)

1.  The trash is to be put out into the dumpster and the trash can liners are to be replaced.

2.  Wipe off counters, tables, chairs and bathrooms

3. Sweep and mop floors.

4. Return tables and chairs to designated area.

5. Decorations in the clubhouse are not to be attached to the walls, ceiling, beams, doors, etc. No tape, nails, staples, etc. are to be applied to the walls, ceiling, beams, doors, etc.

6. All decorations, inside and out, are to be removed at the end of the party. This includes but is not limited to, strings, balloons on sign post or fence, etc.

7. Remove all food and drink from premises.

8. Reset thermostat: Heat to ________deg F / HVAC to __________deg F.

9. Notify MSRA of any problems with facility, i.e. toilet problems, light problems, HVAC problems, etc.

10. The facility is returned in the same condition it is found

11. Turn off all lights and fans; lock all doors/gates; return keys to the Community Manager.


By my signature agree to the terms and conditions above. I confirm that the rental of the MSRA Clubhouse is for my own use and not that of a third party. I also confirm that I am a Full or Social Member of MSRA & my account is paid in full. I will be present at all times and will be responsible for the actions of my guests and compensate MSRA for any damages.



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