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MSRA Board
Current 2022 board members:


Will Shelley: President                         

Lacey Saggio: Vice President                           

David Kelman: Treasurer   


Board Members                                                                  

Ian Pfieffer                                           Catheryn Striebel                                               Ross Vincent

Indu Thacker                                       Todd Ray                                                            Regennia Martin

CC Martin                                            Mark Johnson                                                    Andrew Stanton

Ashley Cross


Security:  Catheryn Striebel, Lacey Saggio,  CC Martin, Mark Johnson, and Andrew Stanton

Vision and Capital Improvements: Lacey Saggio,  David Kelman,  Catheryn Striebel, Ross Vincent, Indu Thacker, and Todd Ray  

Socials: Regennia Martin and Ross Vincent

Communications: Regennia Martin and Will Shelley

Mountain Shadows Living Liaison: Will Shelley

Human Resources Liaison and Hiring: Ashley Cross, Ian Pfieffer , Catheryn Striebel, Regennia Martin, and CC Martin

Kim Wesolowski (Community Manager)

Contact the Board

MSRA Board Meetings are the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 7pm in the clubhouse.  All residents are invited to attend these meetings. If you have a concern to bring to the board, please send us an email with the information and concern so we can add it to the agenda.

MSRA Board elections take place each year in October.  Board tenure is 2 years and members can serve consecutive terms.  Elections are for general board seats.  In January, each new board will assign responsibilities based on interest.


We Need You!


The success of Mountain Shadows depends on the involvement of its residents.  There are many opportunities to be involved both officially (on the board) and unofficially, helping to carry out neighborhood goals.

Areas of need include-

  • Special Projects- i.e.: Playground Renovation Committee
  • Social Events
  • Outside Member Liaison
  • Social Media
  • Welcome Committee

If you would be interested in helping your neighborhood or learning more about opportunities to help, you can email the board to learn more.  






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