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November MSRA HOA Meeting Notes


Date: Tuesday November 9, 2021

Time: 7:00PM

Location: Mountain Shadows Clubhouse

Present:, Will Shelley, David Kelman, Lacey Saggio,Mark Johnston, Kim Wesolowski, Andrew Stanton, via video: CC Laszlo Martin,Catheryn Striebel..




·        Septemberminutes approved.

·        HRcompanies being explored to help with overall employee human resources andhandbooks and policies.

·        Boardmembers voted at annual meeting were Ashley Cross and Andrew Stanton.  Board roles and a new Vice President will bevoted on by January.

·        Thereare 5 upcoming rentals.

·        HarvestHouse winners Flockerzi at 9237 Magic Mountain.

·        Clubhousekitchen, staff room and basement organized, new paper towel and soap dispensersinstalled.

·        Lowercourt and playground graffiti painted over.

·        Budgetis where it should be, inflation continues to rise which we are seeing inutility bills.

·        Therewere wine socials and adult Halloween party, Christmas event upcoming December11.

·        Annualmeeting slides posted on website.

·        Capitalimprovements committee to meet and get quotes for companies to fence in commonareas including cameras, lighting, key fob access etc.  They will have a proposal to move forward atthe December meeting.

·        Onestreet sign has graffiti.  Communitymanager to purchase solvent to see if it can be removed.

·        Workday to be scheduled to clean out vegetation.


Nextmeeting will be December 14th  at 7pm

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