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Republic Services Offer

Mountain Shadows

Republic Services is pleased to announce our dedication to seeing that the Mountain Shadows fundraising goal is achieved.

Republic Services will give an upfront donation of $500.00 to Mountain Shadows - however we want to give more!

Republic Services will donate $1.00 each month for the entire 2016 year for every Republic Services Customer in the Mountain Shadows Neighborhood.

We need 75% of the neighborhood to participate in order for this to happen!


Here’s The Offer!

Trash serviced 1 x weekly is $14.00 per month ($42.00 Quarterly)

Trash serviced 1 x weekly and Recycle bi-weekly is $17.00 per month ($51.00 Quarterly)

*Both Trash and Recycle are 96 gallon containers. Recycle is “all in one”…No Sorting!

*No Contract required and Rates are all inclusive and will remain constant for 2 full years!


Here’s How to Sign Up!

-Contact our Customer Service Department at 423-867-4650

*Be sure to reference the Mountain Shadows offer!

-Email Bill Bridges at . Bill will answer any questions you may have and refer you directly to the steps necessary to sign up.


Mountain Shadows Goal

With 600 Homes in the Neighborhood at $1.00 rebate each per month – just 75% participation equates to $5400 gifted to the Mountain Shadows fundraiser by the end of 2016!

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